It’s important to create an environment where children can study at ease

When I was the homeroom teacher of the returnee student, I was really glad that I was able to communicate how to be considerate of their situation to the other teachers. I did things like asking the Japanese teacher to tell the student in advance which sections to prepare if there was a reading aloud exercise, and to not erase things on the blackboard right away, but rather leave them up until break time.

I felt I was able to create an environment where the student could study at ease. But I think this is something that ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers in Canada do all the time. I often hear from high school students studying in Canada (who aren’t native in English) that teachers have given them extensions for their tests into lunch, have allowed them to bring their tests home, and have allowed them to use dictionaries. I think I was able to show the returnee student in Japan the same consideration.